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Further Details Taisei Giken

Further Details Taisei Giken
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SUN Separator Cleaner (Oil-Water Separator) SUN Aqua Cleaner (Oil Removal from Water)
SUN Oil Cleaner (Oil Purifier)  
Floating Oil Collector  
≪Products / Parts≫  
Water Adsorption Filter  Compressor Drain Treatment Tank
Fluorine Oil Purifying Device (Fomblin, etc.) Flat Ball Valve
Multi-Oil Cleaner (Hydraulic Oil) Synthetic Oil Purifying Device
Cooling Water Cleaner Aqua Mat (Water Adsorbtion)
Stainless Gear Pump Oil Mist Trap
Various Housings for various filtrations Fully-Automatic Oil-Water Separator
≪Overhauling, Modifications and Repairs≫  
Traps Oil Cleaner
Oil Water Separator Overhauling and Cleaning
Regeneration of Fomblin Oil Design / Production of Various Purifying Devices
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